Are Above Knee Shorts Recommended For Men?

Are Above Knee Shorts Recommended For Men?

There has been a great debate on men’s shorts especially if it right for men to wear shorts above the knee. However, it does not defeat the most fundamental functions of short shorts for me. There are varieties of men activities that can only be effectively executed in short shorts such as gym, cycling among other. Are you a man and you are worried if it is right to dress in a men’s above the knee shorts or need to know different areas where you can use short shorts? Follow closely for adequate information in this article.

Different types of short shorts above the knee


Sports are characterised by rigorous body part movement. In that case, the body generates a lot of heat and requires sufficient aeration. In addition the leg moves without resistance unlike when dressed in full leg covered attire.

Gym shorts

The gym shorts are well adopted by many men. One of the key advantages of gym shorts is that they can be worn for various purposes without question; they have been adapted as fashion. Gym shorts are designed with very efficient feature to increase comfort during exercise. They are made of a polymer fabric that dries very fast hence able to keep you dry during your workout.

High, mid and low waist shorts

This is a great feature that accommodates different waist levels. You can comfortably choose a short waist according to your waist level.

Waterproof shorts

Waterproof shorts are able to keep you dry when it rains. Sometimes the weather changes abruptly and you were dressed for a hot weather and the waterproof short works to your advantage.

Unisex shorts

There are shorts which are meant for all gender. These shorts are very well adopted for social occasions which involve both men and women. They bring uniformity and a unity of purpose among the group. Used for games and work bonding sessions.

Casual wear shorts

During some extreme weather conditions such as summer, shorts have found their way in offices and other work places as an acceptable dressing. However, not all shorts are fit for official functions. Casual shorts allowed are uniform in colour, having normal side pockets and looking descent. Workers enjoy casual shorts on weekends and holidays.

Tips on How to look good in shorts

Have it fitting

Your short should not be extremely buggy or too tight. It should align with your body structure. It should also allow for sufficient aeration to improve your comfort.

Should hit above the kneecap

This is a fashionable and acceptable size. However, sometimes it works differently with different body structure.

Let the shoes and the top wear not clash

Ensure the shoes are not so official instead, rubber shoes, sneakers and loafers does best with shorts. The top wear may not be much of a bother though casuals’ works best with shorts.


Your dressing is of great significance. Dressing informs your character, identifies with different occasion, self-branding, determines your esteem etc. You need to look good all time wherever you are.